Taught by the most influential leaders in this discipline, the BEworks Academy is an education and training school designed by BEworks. Our mandate is to provide instruction that creates knowledge of the theory of Behavioral Economics and our core specialty: how to apply Behavioral Economics to real-world challenges. Behavioral Economics provides a new lens on decision-making and the factors that drive behavior. These insights are transformational for strategy, marketing, and operations challenges.

“Scientists don’t need to be business leaders, but business leaders ought to be scientific.” - Kelly Peters, BEworks CEO & CoFounder




From introductory Behavioral Economics workshops to deep learning on specific topics, BEworks Workshops are designed to provide both the theoretical foundations of Behavioral Economics and frameworks for practical application to solve real-world challenges.

Custom-Built Workshops


Looking for something more specific? Let us build a workshop specific to your needs.

With comprehensive expertise in many verticals and several corporate challenges, our Behavioral Economic and Scientific Experimentation training can be customized to achieve your specific goals.

BE Certification Program

BEworks Certification Program

BEworks Certification Course

A comprehensive program that teaches knowledge and skills to apply Behavioral Economics and Scientific Methodology to strategy and process within an organization. Attendees will leave the course prepared to be BE ambassadors and team leaders.