Many organizations have specific interests or challenges that Behavioral Economics can help to solve. BEworks has developed comprehensive Modules to take learnings of specific elements of Behavioral Science and Experimentation further - designed to equip teams with the rigour required to bring scientific thinking and process to all areas of work.


Each customized workshop for applied challenges begins with an overview of Behavioral Economics and deep learning. Custom-Built Workshops are engagements structured though the BEworks Method™ and provide a powerful look into how business challenges can be approached behaviourally and scientifically.


These are hands-on workshops designed for executive committees. They are designed to be integrated into off-site strategy sessions as a way to help leaders think differently and move forward with practical frameworks.

  • Helping Boards of Directors make better hiring decisions

  • Understanding biases that may get in the way of sound decision-making

  • How to design a scientifically-savvy organization

Topics: Other topics may be available upon request.

Languages: All of our workshops are available in English, Spanish, Japanese, and French.

Workshops length: sessions vary from 1/2 day to 3 days.

Certification is available through BEworks Training program.